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The rule of 3 P To Be An Online Guru

A few years back, when I was initially exploring and learning the online thing, there was one word in my mind, “MONEY.” I was so determined, desperate and wanted to make money online, buy a car, wear expensively branded clothes, and even build a house through the earnings. Money, money, money, I got nuts and reading the success stories of some PRO bloggers who make thousands of dollars each month made me more nuts. I felt like Walnuts. 😉

You know what, that was the point where I chose the wrong path and took so long to reach where I am right now. To be online Guru, to make money online, it is not about making money online. It was something opposite, it was trying not to make money online. Crazy Right?

So, if you want to be an online Guru and want to be like those hundreds and thousands of people living life through online earnings, try not to make money online.

The rule of 3 P will help you not to make money online to make money online. Crazy lines… EEH?

Jokes apart, let’s get to the point.

The Rule Of 3 P

1. Passion

You need to carry the love and passion for your art in online. You need to have that mentality where you can keep going.

You know what it is more comfortable and can do effortlessly if the task is what we like and what we love to do.

Just think, take yourself back to School Life.

What did you like to do the most? And did you ever get fed up doing it?

Well, I am sure you didn’t and loved to do over again and again, and you would still do it now. Am I right?

Likewise, you need to put passion for your art online. It would help to keep you going and never get fed up. It takes months and years to start seeing the dollar signs in your income status, so you should be able to go on for years.

Therefore, before starting anything online to make money, first find out your real passion. Note it down, what you can do, things you love to do that would help others, and you won’t get fed up quickly.

Most people read some income reports of others and think that the money is in that niche, and they jump to that niche, or they find a profitable niche, and they go with it. This should not be the case with you, you should not go on with the money in the mind. Think of a niche that you are so passionate about.

2. Patience

Probably I explored for 1 year, learned WordPress for 3 months, and wrote 100,000 words in  2 years to know that I can really make money online. I can still remember the late nights, lunch break and even restroom blogging.

I started blogging in end of 2014 and received my first cheque from Bluehost Hosting Company in July 2017. It’s damn 3 years.

So be patient, you may make money sooner than me or may not, but I am sure even if you do it and give 100% it would take a year or so.

3. Problem Solver

The internet has bloomed, and it is everywhere now. And due to easiness to start a blog using WordPress and Blogger.Com, everyone is blogging. But it is rare to see and hard to come across an excellent informative blog that really solves the problem. It is full of here and there, what and not, do and don’t and does not contain the real content. It’s full of one-man judgment on Government, People, and Society.

To be the truth, it is hard to earn through such blogs though the traffic might be flooded with thousands of visitors, and it is even hard to get the trust of your followers.

Take time, create contents that solve the problem. You do not have to get thousands of traffic and visitors but should be able to solve the problem. Its okay that most didn’t read what you have written, but you have made the difference, helped and explained.

Be happy, even if you get single reader but make sure that person builds a connection with you by solving their problem.


I hope with this 3 simple P rule will help you to be an online Guru and make money online in a legit way. I will try my best to solve your problem with online earning, blogging and freelancing online, so it would really help me if you can comment below and share your thoughts as well to enhance the knowledge base.

About the Author Ugyen Dorji

I am a Certified Physical Therapist in Bhutan but my passion for blogging and online marketing have made me Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur. 5 years experience in WordPress Design, Blogging, Freelancing, Google & Facebook Marketing and making money online. Founder of BloggingPreneurship, DrukYongdrel and also a co-founder of RabZhe Bhutan Travels.

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