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How to Start a Premium Blog in Bhutan without Credit Card

If you are reading this, let me assume, you are in Bhutan, and you have a dream of starting a blog. You have read articles and learned that you need a domain and a web hosting to start a premium self-hosted WordPress blog.

Story continues…

To buy a domain and hosting, you need an International Card to do the transaction. Unfortunately, Bhutan being a late entry to an online transaction, it is hard to pay online. It is overwhelming, and your dream remains a dream only.

Hey, wait! Let me break that point and shout out.

Now, you do not have to need a credit card to start a premium blog in Bhutan.

Here’s the story.

6 years back, when I first learned about blogging and wanted to start a premium blog, I was so excited as you are now. But I needed a credit card, and there were no banks in Bhutan that provide the facilities. Uff, what a tragic past days.

But thank god, BOB launched an international credit card. On the very next day, I ran to the bank, applied for it. It was so difficult to get my application through; I had to submit my pay slip signed by my employer, a guarantor and had to fill up so many forms. I think it is the same procedure today as well.

After a month, I got the card and had my first premium blog.

A few years later, BOB launched international Debit card, which is much easier to get. But unfortunately, they closed it soon.

Seriously, it was challenging to launch a blog.

I had friends, relatives and came across with many Bhutanese who want to start a blog. But everyone faced the problem in online payment. That motivated me to launch a web hosting service Druk Yongdrel – Blog Hosting Solution for Bhutanese Blogger.

You know what? You can buy a domain and web-hosting in Nu. and in cash or you can directly pay through m-BoB. Easy right?

The plan starts at as low as Nu. 2800 per year. Compare plans here.

You will get any domain name of your choice, of course, it should be available to register though. And the hosting comes with all the necessary tools. Some of the tools are full cPanel Access, WordPress and other Softaculous software, Databases, inbuilt Cloudflare, Free SSL for all the domains, Emails, etc. (I think it is as good as one of those international companies like Bluehost, Godaddy, Siteground and all)

So do not worry of getting a credit card, or online payment if you live in Bhutan, visit DrukYongdrel.Com, choose a right plan for your blog, buy a domain which comes free with every plan, install WordPress and start blogging. Good Bye to difficult old days.

And if you are worried that you won’t be able to handle the technical stuff like Cpanel, WordPress, Themes, and Plugins, I also provide a service of Premium Blog Setup. I will be doing all the technical part and present you with a professional blog. Some of my past projects are,,,, to name a few. You can read the details of the services here.

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Questions? Contact Me or comment below, would love to answer it and get to know each other.

About the Author Ugyen Dorji

I am a Certified Physical Therapist in Bhutan but my passion for blogging and online marketing have made me Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur. 5 years experience in WordPress Design, Blogging, Freelancing, Google & Facebook Marketing and making money online. Founder of BloggingPreneurship, DrukYongdrel and also a co-founder of RabZhe Bhutan Travels.

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  • Ugyen this is cool bro! Happy to see you have an international credit card option to buy a domain and hosting. Always, a way exists for persistent, passionate bloggers. The Universe always opens up and provides solutions for people who are ALL IN, blogging-wise.

    • Ugyen Dorji says:

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Totally! If you have that passion, persistent, the whole universe opens up for the solutions.

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