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Blogging Days Are Finally Not Over

Blogging, earning online, online freelancing and the online world, it is trending these days. I didn’t expect that sooner though especially in Bhutan.

Well I mean, how to earn online is flooding everywhere in Facebook among Bhutanese now. Some still with disbelieve, some exploring and some already started to earn.

After all, credit goes to Sherab Tenzin with his blog DrukTrails which is now the best blog in Bhutan and an exemplary among us. Contact Sherab Tenzin. And of course, let’s not forget Zhonba Tashi, who earns through freelancing. Contact Zhonba. They have worked hard and shared their experience for us to keep going with this online era.

To motivate I want to share you the screenshot of the revenue from my Amazon Affiliate so far.

If you are new to the online earnings, I know its hard to believe, and you would consider fraud when somebody says we can earn online. I was also precisely at the point where you were right now 3 years ago. I can bet that sooner you will start to believe as well. And I will be guiding you through my blog on how to start a blog, do SEO to get more traffic, monetise your blog, online freelancing, and entrepreneurship in general.

If you have started exploring, be careful. There are the legit way and the fraud way to earn online. I have heard and came across many such victims of online fraud. So this blog will also be for you and will be covering all means of the legit ways to monetise your blog and make money online.

And finally, if you have started blogging and freelance career online, this blog will also be helpful as I will be sharing my past 3 years experience as an online investor, entrepreneur, freelancer, SEO content writer and earning through blogging.

Well, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to my list, follow my page and keep visiting the site for more updates in coming days.

If you are interested in online freelancing, one of my friends Nima Moktan, in IT park is conducting a course on how to become an online freelancer. He is also an experienced freelancer who earns and make living out of it. You just have to bear the fees of Nu. 8000 for two months. They will be teaching you about designing the website and all aspects of becoming a freelancer online. I highly recommend it and would encourage you to join, as later on, you can start earning thousands of dollars every month and make a living out of it. Seriously, as he stated you do not need a degree to be an online freelancer. Get yourself registered here.

Here you will get the details and you can contact him on facebook here.

About the Author Ugyen Dorji

I am a Certified Physical Therapist in Bhutan but my passion for blogging and online marketing have made me Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur. 5 years experience in WordPress Design, Blogging, Freelancing, Google & Facebook Marketing and making money online. Founder of BloggingPreneurship, DrukYongdrel and also a co-founder of RabZhe Bhutan Travels.

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  • Ugyen is it absolutely awesome to see what you are doing blogging-wise in Bhutan. I find it fun to follow the journey of new bloggers in nations where blogging is just beginning to take root; exciting!

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