Do you wish to start a premium blog, but have no idea with what to do and how to start?
Congratulations! You are at right place.

Don't struggle with the technology thing. We can setup a professional premium blog for you. And we will walk you through making money online through blogging. 


Domain Registration.

We will help you register a .COM domain of your choice. We will make sure it suits your choice as well as your niche.

Find reliable hosting services

With thousands of hosting services provider, it is extremely difficult to find a reliable, fast and secure hosting. But do not worry, we know the thing and will help you find the best.

We have founded, Druk Yongdrel | Exclusive blog hosting services for Bhutanese Blogger.

cPanel setup & WordPress Install

We will do cPanel settings and necessary hosting related tasks. After that we will install the Premium latest version WordPress in your account with your chosen domain.

Theme installation & Settings

We will install the latest mobile responsive theme that has stunning look and attract followers and readers for your blog. We will make sure that your blog looks professional and you are fully satisfied.

Necessary plugin installation

From thousands of available plugin, we select the best ones and install so that your hosting storage remains free of junks and corrupted files, but also serve all the purposes of good premium professional blog should have. Some plugins are, Yoast SEO, Facebook Page Like, Jetpack. etc.

Social media sharing button

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are fastest and easiest way to grow your blog and to get more followers. Keeping that in mind, we will design and integrate beautiful social sharing buttons on your blog so that you will get more share and visitors for your blog.

Install Google Analytics

We will install Google analytics, a complete solution to check your readers/visitors in real time. It's a powerful tool, you can analyze how your readers are behaving, which post and pages they are reading, and from which county they are from. You can connect it with an app on your mobile, so that you can check anytime from your mobile phone.

Facebook Page Connect

We will connect your Facebook Page and display it on the sidebar of your blog (near your article) so that it is easier for your readers to follow you. Note: Creating a Facebook page is additional cost. We will connect with your existing page and you have to create a Facebook page yourself.

https/SSL certificates for site security

Your site will be installed on https:// or SSL certificate issued domain, providing much security to you as well as to your readers. With such security, your site will perform better in search engines like Google and serve security to your readers.

Delivered within 7 days

If you learn about hosting, cPanel, Premium WordPress version setup and setup blog yourself, it may sound so tetchy and would take 2-3 years. But leave this to us, in 7 days you will have your own premium professional blog and ready to roll and impress your readers.

Hands on Training and Guides

We will provide you with personal assistant and support to get use to with the premium blogging platform. We will also help you with tips and promote your blog online. And also will drive you to the various methods of making money through blogging.

That's It!

After successfully setting up your blog and learning all the necessary things to be a professional blogger, we can't wait to read your first blog. Just like you, we are also equally anticipated and curious to see your journey in blogging.

Everything at USD 59 (Nu. 3900) 

PayPal, Payoneer & M-BOB (Bhutan) Payment

Call us at +975 - 7782 1060 or Mail us at or Click Here For Messenger

Look what our customer has to say!

Tashi Phuntsho

Druk Yongdrel helped me to realize my dream as a blogger. It helped me to cherish my blogging passion. I was a blog-post blogger once but after I switch to self hosted WordPress blogging here, I realize I have developed socially and intellectually.

Sonam Dorji

Without credit card and international debit card facilities in Bhutan, it was difficult to start a PREMIUM blog. But thanks to Druk Yongdrel, they accept m-BOB and BNB m-Pay. Now I can run a Premium professional blog and make money online.

Karma Wangmo

As a year long customer of Druk Yongdrel for my blog, I submit that the services is one of the most reliable and affordable for any website.

I shall never switch out from their services. I am just so comfortable and convenient with the services.