Ugyen Dorji

Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur

I am a Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur. Hey Wait!!!

By profession, I am a certified Physiotherapist graduated from India. I work in Bhutan and mostly look after elderly and orthopedic patients. 

But my passion in blogging and online marketing have made me Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur. 

I am much interested in online startup, so I founded Druk Yongdrel - Blog Hosting Solution for Bhutanese Blogger, and Blogging Preneurship - The one you are reading. 

I am also a co-founder of Rab-Zhe Bhutan Travels - Travel Agent company in Bhutan.

I have 5 years experience in WordPress Design, Blogging, Freelancing, Google & Facebook Marketing and making money online.  

This site was initially launched as BloggingOnMyMind.Com, but later changed to BloggingPreneurship.Com due to some unknown reasons.

I have authored following books in the past and looking forward in writing more. You can get those books on Amazon in e-Book version. (I believe printed books consumes trees to produce paper, and going e-books contributes to environment.)