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Tips to Find Domain Name

5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Domain Name

I use to tell everyone who wants to start blogging or starting an online journey, “If you can’t find a perfect domain name, don’t do it.”

50% of your online success depends on the domain name. No matter how good your contents are, domain name gonna impact your potential to earn online.

Your brand, your search, your voice, and your reach, the domain comes first and it plays an important role.

I have been blogging for 3 years and registered almost 22 different domains. Alright, alright I don’t mean I have launched 22 different blogs. I have done it coz I could not find a perfect one, and most of my blogs were a complete failure.

So, let me be straight, register dozens of domains like me before you find a perfect one OR read these 5 simple tips to find in one GO.

1. Keep it short,,, OH BOY!, is that a domain or a blog’s title?

If you have a blog with such domain name, and if you ask me to check it, I will take forever coz I will never do it. I don’t mean to be rude but here’s the deal.

  • It is time consuming to type the whole thing
  • It is hard to remember
  • Sounds like a SEO spammers which Google hates it.

So choose a domain which is short and easy to remember.

2 to 3 words is what I recommend to my clients.

2. Make it Sound Like a Brand

What is a brand?

A brand is an image, an identity, and recognition of your services and products. Let’s analyze some of the greatest brands on earth, Apple, Nike, McDonalds, KFC, and Instagram.

Apple, luxurious and expensive Phones and Laptops.

Nike, sports shoes and clothes.

McDonalds, that Maharaja Extra Cheese Chicken Burger, my favorite. 🙂

KFC, fried Chicken.

Instagram, a social media to get connected through sharing photographs.

That’s the power of a brand. As soon as one sees it or hears the name, one will be reminded of the services, products, and recognition.

One of my success in branding was for my eCommerce store,,  which means shopping in my local language. I sell all types of grocery and personal care items, so whenever people wants to buy grocery, they mention nyotshong, and whenever people see and hear nyotshong, they take it as a online grocery shop.

You need to think for a long run, how you going to use your domain name for branding, and see the possibilities and potential of your domain. So in future, whatever services and products you are going to promote and sell through your blog or website, is recognized and appreciated with your domain name.

3. Avoid Numbers and Special Characters

! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) – (List of special characters)

Usually it is used for password coz it is difficult to find and to type. So think over, do you want your domain to be difficult to find and to type? I don’t think so.

Furthermore, it does not have any value, except to make a password more powerful. It does not have any value for SEO, for branding and it does not put any value to the domain. If it does not put any value or have an advantage, then why use it? Right?

Instead, avoid it, make it easier for your readers/users to type and find you.

4. Keep Readers/Users in Mind

This is the most important part, if your target is narrow and focusing on particular place.

Example: You are from Bhutan, and searching for a pair of shoes online. And you came across two stores, BhutanStyle.Com, and FrenchLemagasin.Com, and both have the same price. Which one you would prefer? Remember that you are from Bhutan.

I bet BhutanStyle.Com, as it says it is from Bhutan. And by seeing the name Bhutan, you feel connected, secured and easier to communicate. So one thing you need to consider and is important is to keep readers/users in mind. If you are focusing globally, use English term, and if you have a local store or focusing on narrower audience, try to use terms that your audience would feel connected. After all, one common job of being an online entrepreneur is to make a connection, between you, your services and to your audience.

5. Keep it Unique

Sit back and think, you register a domain name,, or I am not sure it is available or not but just taking it as an example.

Okay questions.

  1. What does it tell about your products/services?
  2. Is it unique or are you promoting Nike, Amazon, and Facebook?
  3. Do you think you can build your own brand by using other brands?
  4. Why customers/readers would prefer yours if there is no uniqueness?
  5. Do you think, if a person searches on google, google will list your sites in SERP if it is not unique and is a copy of higher authority brands?

So, by keeping it unique, it builds a brand for your products and services. Customers/readers would prefer yours and will be easier for everyone to reach to you. One can easily find your services/products by typing your domain in google.

Let’s get practical.

A travel blog., do you think it is unique?

Well, for me it’s not. I don’t know how many Ugyen are there, and how many are traveling. Let’s hit the google and find out. Type Ugyen Travel Blog.

A bunch of high authority and top travel agent website is being shown which has word Ugyen in it.

So again let’s search Druk Trails, one of my blogging mate’s travel blog. The google beautifully displays all the sub pages, ranks to the top and how authentic it looks. That’s the power of uniqueness.

So whenever you are picking up a domain, always try to be unique, so that you can list yourself in google faster and easier.

Wrap Up

So these are the 5 tips that one needs to carefully consider to find the perfect domain name.

Let me give you an extra/bonus tips.

Take out a notepad and a pen and write down all the domain name you like or have in mind after reading the above tips. Write down at least 20 of them.

After that, think of your services, products or contents that you want to have in your blog/website. Narrow down to 5, that matches best.

And then post on Facebook (your timeline and groups), get a vote for the top 2. And finally, debate with your mates over the two finalists.

Here you go, the best one, your brand, your identity, and the perfect domain name.

About the Author Ugyen Dorji

I am a Certified Physical Therapist in Bhutan but my passion for blogging and online marketing have made me Blogger, Author & Entrepreneur. 5 years experience in WordPress Design, Blogging, Freelancing, Google & Facebook Marketing and making money online. Founder of BloggingPreneurship, DrukYongdrel and also a co-founder of RabZhe Bhutan Travels.

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